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“Print Dollar” is a research project with more than 50 strategies, which we decided to present to the market after 3 years of forward testing and review and ensuring its safety. One of the subsets of this project is the “Price Action indicator”. The job of this indicator is to draw a zone for HFT trading for you, and if this zones broken, you can Trade with a small stoploss and large takeprofit.


After that, the price will be raised to $99.

The job of this indicator is to draw a zone for HFT trading for you, and if this zones broken, you can Trade with a small stoploss and large takeprofit.

Trading with Price Action Indicator is very simple, it is one of the strategies with appropriate risk/reward in the areas created by the indicator. Wait for the price reaction to these areas, if these areas are broken, enter the position with a minimum risk/reward of 1:2 to 1:6.

With weekly high and low zones, you can enter the position in reverse or according to the trend, wait for the price to react appropriately to this area and enter with pullback.

Round numbers are another good strategy for entering scalp trades. If you are entering a trade, set your profit limit before these lines, because sometimes the direction changes completely without reaching these levels. You can also enter the trade if the price has not corrected and you have reached a round number and you see a candlestick pattern in the opposite trend, note that the TP should be small in reversal trading. In symbols such as EURUSD, XAUUSD and GBPUSD, in general symbols that are traded by a large number of traders, you can use this strategy. Do not use this strategy when announcing important news such as NFP, FOMC and central bank lectures


Features of the indicator:
  • Non Repaint
  • Identify important areas to trade
  • Specify last week High and Low
  • Specify Round numbers on the chart
  • Show time in London, New York, Tokyo and GMT
  • Best Pair : XAUUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD, US30, NQ and …
  • Best performance with a Greenkeyboard (position management with a great virtual keyboard – HFT Trading/AutoMartingle-)
  • Display the time remaining until the current candle closes (important for deciding with candlestick patterns)
  • Change and adjust the color of the chart based on the principles of trading psychology
  • Show the days of the week, from the beginning of the day to find the opening and closing prices of the market
  • and other features….
Screenshot :


Price Action Indicator


Video tutorials on how to trade after purchase will be sent to users


Note: Our indicators use online data. If you see a cracked version of our products, do not use it at all.

Platform Version

MetaTrader v4.0

News Filter


Fully AutoTrade



Follow trend

Hidden TP/SL


Expire Date

Never, in the purchased version

HighSlipPage Protection


HighSpread Protection


Minimun Deposit


Monthly Profit

10%, 20%

Suitable MM

Each $1000, 0.01 Lot

Risk Level


Max DD


How to Install ?

After completing the purchase and downloading the file and copying the robot file in the Expert MetaTrader4 folder, activate the robot on your account in this way:

  1. Please click on the “Your Accounts Info” option from the dashboard menu at the top of the site.
  2. Then select the name of this product.
  3. Then enter your account numbers and VPS there to automatically activate the robot on your account.

To use the online indicator, make these settings in MetaTrader :


If you need more help, please refer to the ticket submission section.


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