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About Me

Green robot

What we  offer?

We are a group of traders and programmers who from the beginning of 2020 decided to implement our profitable strategies in several robots.
In fact, this project was a research project and it took about 2 years to make sure that it is really profitable and does not harm our account and the accounts of others.

Many strategies have worked well, we have at least 5 years of backtesting and 2 years of forward testing in real accounts and demos in our portfolio, and we are happy to share our success with you

Our Service :

  • Expert Advisor(Robot)
  • NonRepaint Indicator
  • Trading Keyboard
  • High frequency trading Tools
  • Profitable Strategies
best forex trading robot

Green Robot Up Close

Before trading and investing in any product, you must be equipped with basic Forex market knowledge and more importantly risk management. As a Forex trader, your first step is to have indicators that allow you to make better trading decisions.Either way, everyone knows that it’s only fair to say that Forex trading is risky and what increases the risk of losing your investment are emotions. robot, is able to process far more data than humans and obviously, there will be no emotions involved in a robot’s calculations.
The GreenRobot team of Forex experts, analysts and programmers has prepared and packaged the most effective Forex indicators and the best Forex robot.

Work Expriences

The description of this research project was as follows:

2019 - 2020

Group gathering by Mr. David, who is the project manager. Two traders with 11 and 8 years of experience together with Mr. David (with 5 years of trading experience and 18 years of programming) collected basic information about robots and how robots trade

2020 - 2021

By the end of 2021, more than 18,000 lines of code had been written on the robot body, and the name of the dollar print robot had been chosen. About 5,000 lines were coded on the server side to make the online indicators work well

2021 - 2022

Solving the security problems of the robots through the online indicator, only with this method we could present the robot outside the MQL market