Is Cryptocurrency Real Money?

Is Cryptocurrency Real Money?

Unlike paper money in your wallet or bank account, digital currencies are not controlled by central banks or governments. That is, unlike common currencies such as the dollar, they are not reproduced and regulated under the supervision of the central bank.
These coins are also intangible, meaning that they lack basic valuables. When you have stocks or dollars, you actually have a piece of paper that you can understand its true value. But digital currencies have no physical nature. This makes their valuation process difficult; Although it is not impossible.

Despite the excitement surrounding digital currencies, the Chinese blockchain is truly valuable! It is the Chinese bloc that has empowered these tokens.
One question, what is China blockchain technology?
The answer is: China blockchain technology is a network of all decentralized digital currencies (like Bitcoin). The network is actually a digitally distributed, decentralized general office consisting of a large number of computers. Blockchain provides secure and private storage of transactions and payment records. Also, the main reason why so many companies and developers are so excited about this technology is that it is the digitally distributed general office.

Despite the positive comments about the China Bloc, this platform also has its own limitations. For example, this technology is still under construction and development, development is time consuming and this lack will lead to unexpected shortcomings. This problem can slow down transactions and verify them on the network, which are crucial services in large and relatively large companies.
There are also concerns about the generalization of this technology. Although the Chinese blockchain network speeds up transactions and can provide greater security for banks or other financial institutions, its operation is not guaranteed.

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