Black Gold EA – Base on Reversal Strategy


“Print Dollar” is a research project with more than 50 strategies, which we decided to present to the market after 3 years of forward testing and review and ensuring its safety. One of the strategies of this project is Black Gold EA, This expert advisor uses reversal strategy. The maximum DD is about 20%.


After that, the price will be raised to $999.

Features of the expert:
  • It does not trade every day and does not enter the trade if the market does not move
  • Auto Set timeframe for work.
  • Can be used only on VPS.
  • The EA automatically calculates the lot size, according to the user’s chosen risk level and deposit size.
  • Pair : Only XAUUSD
  • No Matingle, No Hedge
  • Trade with stoploss and takeprofit
  • More than 4 years of success trade
  • up to 90% Winrate
  • The Expert Advisor can be easily optimized to work with any instruments.
  • Reduce risk at the time of news and close risky positions at the time of important news


Live Signal : Soon

Platform Version

MetaTrader v4.0

Fully AutoTrade



NonMartingle, Reversal, Scalper

Hidden TP/SL


Expire Date

Never, in the purchased version

HighSlipPage Protection


HighSpread Protection


Minimun Deposit


Monthly Profit

100%, 20%, Depends on market fluctuations

News Filter


Suitable MM

Highrisk Each 100usd 0.01Lot, LowRisk Each 250usd 0.01Lot

Risk Level


Max DD

10%, 20%

How to Install ?

After completing the purchase and downloading the file and copying the robot file in the Expert MetaTrader4 folder, activate the robot on your account in this way:

  1. Please click on the “Your Accounts Info” option from the dashboard menu at the top of the site.
  2. Then select the name of this product.
  3. Then enter your account numbers and VPS there to automatically activate the robot on your account.

To use the online indicator, make these settings in MetaTrader :


If you need more help, please refer to the ticket submission section.


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